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Can you solve complex business questions by playing?
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Work is play 2014 Conference Summary: Activating fun through work. How much playfulness is in our work? How much fun and playfulness can fit in the modern workplace and how can it create real business benefits? These were some of … Read More

Gamification Projects with Design Thinking: Phase 1 and 2
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I ended one of my last blog posts with the statement of digging deeper. Therefore, I would like to follow that claim myself and dig deeper on the use of Design Thinking for Gamification projects. The method of Design Thinking … Read More

Gamification Thinking? Structure Gamification Projects With Design Thinking
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Applying The Design Thinking Process And Its Characteristics On The Concept Of Gamification To Provide A Step-To-Step Guideline When thinking about how to integrate gamification in products and processes, people tend to think about gamification mechanics or other elements of … Read More